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I’m a freelance illustrator / concept-artist making various illustrative content for games and other media. My services range from pre-visualizing concept-art to final Illustrations.

During the past 8 years i worked on game and animation productions helping to explore and develop the right style for these projects. As an illustrator I usually work on backgrounds for video-games and animations and occasionally do traditional illustration work.

The root of my style is always a dialogue between a traditional, hand-drawn or painterly approach and the specific stylistic needs of every project.

In my spare time i paint drunken robots and try to handle paint like the old masters. (you can read about these adventures on my blog)

Feel free to contact me, I’m always looking for new creative challenges and interesting projects to work on!

…Voor het Goede!

or in Italian “Per il bene!”

Forcefield VRFisher-Price / MattelColorbleedPlus One, Karakter

Visual-development, Art-direction, Concept-art, Environment design, Illustration, Archeological-Illustration, Style-frames