Back in Holland

After spending 9 months drawing and painting at the Angel Academy of Art i’m back. Things have bin hectic ever since. Immediately after my return i got a to do a cool project for international toy manufacterer Fisher-Price. I can’t show any of the work (soon). But hopefully in the future! Fortunately being back has it advantages, things will be less busy so more time for personal work.

As for my academic studies, i took a break. Becoming a classically trained painter is still my dream but i have to sort out some stuff back here in Holland. Taking a year off for art is great, but i somehow have to find a way to finance this way of life. So one more year of commercial work and then another year for (traditional)art only.

My work from Italy is still somewhere between Holland and Italy, so i can’t really show stuff properly yet. But when i have it back, i’ll put it up here.