Preparing my first Exhibition in Bulgaria

It sure took me a while, but here it finally is: another blog post. Hectic times, a couple weeks ago i got the news that people were planning an exhibition about my work. But they forgot to tell me… So i have bin busy preparing my old work and making some new pieces. Initially i didn’t want to show any old work, but filling an exhibition with work produced in less than 3 weeks seamed impossible. I guess you’re never really ready for it.

Preparing an exhibition takes so much time, cutting passe-partouts, preparing prints, cleaning frames etc. Luckily my family and friends were very helpful.
The exhibition takes place in Montana, Bulgaria and is organised by the Young Professional Promotion Foundation. When i brought my final works, they had a little surprise. A huge banner of the exhibition with one of my latest work on it. So they decided we had to test it and hung it up a local bridge:

Peter risking his life to show off the banner....

Peter risking his life to show off the banner….

Everything is ready and i will be heading to the airport in less than 5 hours. I’m very curios how this adventure will turn out. I will update my blog and keep you posted!